Aircraft Pre-Buy Inspections / Technical Evaluations

The purchase of an aircraft is not like buying a car or even a house.

Aircraft are technological wonders of immense complexity. The foundations of the value of an aircraft are the maintenance records. A detailed assessment of the maintenance history and the current status of the life limited components and their records, along with an in depth physical evaluation of the airframe and engines are critical to establishing the true market value of an aircraft.

Let Aviation Maintenance Support assist you with the due diligence of the purchase of your aircraft.

A beautiful paint job can hide a multitude of sins.

“As is, where is” can turn into an unexpected, and very expensive, disappointment once the aircraft is in operation or at the next sale.

Please contact Aviation Maintenance Support to discuss the many benefits of conducting a Pre-Buy Technical Evaluation of a perspective aircraft or the value of representation when you are selling an aircraft.