IS-BAO Audits

What is IS-BAO? Many people are confused and not sure why or if they should be considering IS-BAO for their flight department.

IS-BAO is the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations. IS-BAO has become the benchmark for organizational safety, efficiency and effectiveness for operating a private/business aircraft. IS-BAO is accepted worldwide as the appropriate standard. The standard uses ISO 9000 principles and philosophies, but is tailored for business aircraft operations.

IS-BAO is appropriate and adaptable to any size flight department; from one aircraft single pilot domestic operations to multi-aircraft international operations. It is also appropriate for charter flight operations. IS-BAO will allow a department of any size to measure its safety, security and maintenance policies and procedures against an internationally accepted standard.

IS-BAO registration is not an easy accomplishment. But when properly executed and implemented, IS-BAO registration will integrate a Safety Management System (SMS) and instill a culture of safety and excellence in your flight department. IS-BAO raises the confidence of flight operations personnel and insurance carriers.

IS-BAO registration is not the final destination. It is only the beginning of a journey of continued, constant improvement and growth in safety, organizational and maintenance policies and procedures. This is a dynamic tool.

Please contact Aviation Maintenance Support to discuss how you can begin the process of IS-BAO implementation and registration.