Aircraft Maintenance Invoice Audits

Were the man hours billed legitimate for that particular inspection task?

Did that part really need to be replaced or was it just done for troubleshooting?

Why did it take two man hours to replace a light bulb?

Trust is the primary ingredient in the establishment of any relationship; sometimes trust needs to be reinforced.

If your aircraft has had an unsupervised maintenance event or is maintained unsupervised by a management company, you may want to have an unbiased review of your maintenance invoices.

We will review your invoices for appropriate labor hours charged, appropriateness of work scope, corrective actions taken and pricing of any replacement parts and consumable supplies used.

Based on previous maintenance invoice audits, the potential for savings and recovery are significant. We can help you figure out where your money is going.

Please contact Aviation Maintenance Support to discuss how a detailed review of your maintenance invoices can ensure you receive full value of what you pay for.